So today was my first experience with Epic. I’m not singing it’s praises just yet as I still have to play with it A LOT more before I’m comfortable with it. I’m used to working with Meditech (yes I know it is a terrible system, but when you work with it for 6 yrs you get comfortable and fast with it so it isn’t too bad) and CPN (centricity perinatal) which I actually really liked and it was super user friendly. All that to say, Epic is a big change and I know I will come to love it eventually. Can I just say that I love doing computer training with only one other person and the person leading the class is the unit educator so we were done with training by 2pm!

I finally got my orientation schedule for the unit and I get 6 WEEKS!!!!! I was originally told it was only going to be 4 weeks which made me a little nervous since I haven’t touched a grown up patient in almost 5 yrs  0_0

My first shift is on Sunday and I am so ready to get out there and start learning things 🙂


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